Media Policy

The Sporting Foundation occasionally captures photographic and video images during the competitions it organizes.

By registering for any competition organized by the Sporting Foundation or by attending any competition as a spectator, you grant the Sporting Foundation permission to use your image (photographic and/or video) across various media platforms including email marketing, brochures, newsletters, general publications, social media, website and/or affiliates. You waive any right to inspect or approve the finished product and any right to compensation arising from or related to the use of the image/video, regardless of whether the usage is known to you or unknown, now or in the future.

For individuals under the age of consent, parental permission is required prior to participating in any competitions organized by the Sporting Foundation.

Social Media Policy As a registered participant in any competition, or as part of team management registered with the Sporting Foundation, we do not tolerate any social media comments or posts that are defamatory, inciteful, or could be considered as cyberbullying towards the league, any of its management committee members, referees, other staff, or volunteers.

The Sporting Foundation aims to foster positive social media interactions and encourages everyone involved with the league to enjoy the activities offered without fear of vilification, persecution, or bullying on social media platforms.

Any comments or posts identified as harmful will be taken very seriously, and the league reserves the right to terminate membership immediately if deemed necessary.

This Policy is subject to updates to reflect changes in relevant regulations, with such changes becoming effective upon their posting on this site. Please review this Media Policy each time you register or consent to participate in any competitions.