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Our website utilizes small files known as cookies, which are composed of letters and numbers. These cookies are placed on your computer by our site. The purpose of these cookies is to differentiate you from other visitors on our website, enhancing your browsing experience and aiding us in making site improvements. Among the cookies we use, “analytics” cookies play a significant role. They help us identify the number of visitors and observe their navigation patterns on our website. This information is crucial for us to optimize our website’s functionality, ensuring that users can find what they need effortlessly.

Analytics Cookies These cookies are instrumental in identifying our visitors and tracking how they navigate through our website. Such insights are valuable for enhancing our website’s usability, ensuring easy access to information. By leveraging a service provided by Google Analytics, these cookies contribute to our site’s performance enhancement.

Third-Party Cookies Our site incorporates social media functionalities (like Facebook and Twitter) to foster user interaction. If you have accounts on these social media platforms, their cookies may be deployed through our site when you visit.

Functional Cookies Essential for the fundamental operations of our site, these cookies are anonymous and automatically removed once your session ends. This can occur when you log out of your account explicitly or close your browser.

Cookie Management Your browser settings offer the option to block cookies. Activating this setting enables you to reject all or specific cookies from being stored on your computer. However, blocking all cookies, including essential ones, might limit your access to certain features or sections of our website. You can find instructions on modifying your browser settings to manage cookies through the following links:

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