Football Leagues

The various football leagues ( adult, youth and veterans)   run by SF represents the promotion of structured football .  It is known through research by the Football Association  that there is a decline in the structured 11 aside game in England .  Football is the national game of this country  and represents a sizeable number of people who remain physically active and socially engaged.

It brings immense joy and well being to people who participate, coach , manage and administer the game.  The Leagues run by SF are well run and of high quality. In some respects they are pioneering as well,  for example use of 3 officials in matches.


The prestigious BFA UK Summer League season commences in May each year and runs through until the end of summer.

uk bd championship

The aim of the UK Bangladeshi Championship is to showcase the footballing talent amongst the Bangladeshi community in the UK.

community football league

Established in 2013, the Community Football League (London)-CFL , offers teams to play structured football on Sunday’s during the winter months (September to March) every year.

tower hamlets youth league

Established in 2010, THYL is the only youth league in the borough of Tower Hamlets. It offers children between 7-16 years of age opportunities to play structured football every Saturday throughout the year.